ÅPENT I DAG: 10-18

How to get here


Follow the signs to Tromsø city center.


Nerstranda is located close to Strandtorget in southern Tromsø, and is easily accessible on foot and by bus.

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Our address: Nerstranda 9, 9008 Tromsø

Parking and charging

Parking house

220 parking spaces. From the parking garage downstairs there is direct access to the center.

Opening hours car parking

Our car park is open 1 hour before and after the center's opening hours. On public holidays when the center is closed, the car park is also completely closed for parking. In the event of deviating opening hours, 1 hour before and 1 hour after the center's deviating opening hours applies. Free parking in our car park: weekdays at 17.00 -20.00. Saturdays at 16.00 -18.00.

Electric charging

For you with an electric car, we have our own reserved charging stations. Ordinary payment of parking fee as otherwise parking.