How to get here

By car

Easy exit from E39 which is marked with "Tasta Senter"

By bus

Bus no. 2 (Tasta- Stavanger- Kvadrat- Varatun / Smeaheia- Sandnes) Bus no. 8 (Stavanger- Dusavik- Randaberg- Viste (Endrestø) Bus no. 10 (Stavanger- Randaberg- Rennesøy) Bus no. 28 (Stavanger- Tasta- Goa - Randaberg- Mekjarvik) The stop that is located just outside the center is called "Fagerstølveien". For information about timetables and stops, see

Parking and electric car charging


We have 360 ​​parking spaces with twelve hours of free parking in n easy to navigate, bright and nice parking facility. Remember to put your parking ticket visible in the windscreen. If you want to stay parked longer, you can pay for this.

Electric car charging

We have 8 charging stations for electric cars. 3 hours free parking also applies here. Pull the parking tag and place it visibly in the car's windscreen. Electric car charging: Registered customer with Green Contact: NOK 0.10 per minute + NOK 2.50 per kWh Drop in customer: NOK 0.30 per minute + 2.50 per kWh

Opening hours car parking

Opening hours in the car park: Monday- Friday: 06.00 - 22.15 Saturday: 08.45 - 20.00 Sunday: 09.45 - 19.30